Friday, May 24, 2013

Pinterest Fitness Day 9: AR Fitness Abs and Arms

About a year ago, I started following Amanda Russell of AR Fitness on Pinterest.  She posts free workout videos, most of them under 20 minutes, on YouTube.  I like her.  She doesn't workout with shoes most of the time (which feels wonderful to me!) and she seems down to earth and comfortable with herself.  I've found that a good amount of women who are trainers and or competitors, are really into the way they look.  Why wouldn't they be?  I mean it's their business to look that way, right?  Well, it may be just be my opinion, and that's it, but I find a lot of these women tend to *ahem* enhance a certain part of their body.  Then they model it in bras a few sizes too small.  Or their websites are focused around a provocative theme. What does this say?  To be fit is all about being sexy or attracting others with your not-so-natural enhancement?  I would hope not!  At least not for me!

So, back to Amanda Russell.  She is a Canadian who came to America on a running scholarship with the hopes of Olympics.  She got a really bad injury and the doctors said she may never run again.  She set out on a journey that would prove them wrong.  She ran and won races and started a fitness company.  You know why I like about her?  She is just herself.  She isn't trying too hard.  She isn't adding things to her body or showing off too much of it.  She is always smiling.  She dresses up for themed workouts.  She's fun.   Check her out.

Find her on the web:

Find her workouts on Pinterest:

And, finally, below are the workouts I did today!

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