Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pinterest Fitness Day 5: Backyard Workout for Kids!

One of the most important things to me is that not only am I fit and healthy, but my family is also.  Kids tend to want to spend time in front of a screen, weather it be the TV,  Kindle, iPad, iPhone, or all those other brands of smart computers that I don't know because I'm an Apple user.  

I've looked many times on Pinterest and pinned some backyard workouts for the kids, but none of them were quite what I wanted for them.  I love when my kids desire to work out with me, so I decided to make a workout geared towards my three kids, ages 2-5.  They enjoyed it!  Here is what we did:

Supplies needed: 

Tonka Trucks (or vehicles of that same size)- 1 per child
2 Pool Noodles
Stools- 1 per child
3-5 Pound Dumbbells- 1 per child
Crawl Tube
Ball (the size of a soccer ball)
Bench (optional)

Warm up:

15 Jumping Jacks  (have them count with you!)
20 High Knees (or just run in place and count to 20)


Truck Crawl:  Get out your kids' Tonka Trucks or anything about that size.  I used pool noodles to park start and finish lines.  Have your kids bend over and put their hands on the trucks, and keeping their hands on the trucks, have them run and push the trucks from one line to the other.  Repeat 2-3 times.

Stool Jump:  Get the stools from the bathroom or anywhere you keep them.  Put them on the lawn and have the kids jump over them and jump again to return to their starting place.  That is one rep.  Do 8 reps.

Dumbbell Race:  Use the same set up of start and finish lines as the Truck Crawl.  Give each child a dumbbell, making sure each child feels comfortable carrying the weight in both hands.  Have them hold the weight with both hands in front of their chest.  Have them run from one line to another.  Repeat 5 times.

Bench Step-up:  I used my kids' picnic bench for this, but you can also use a stool as long as it is sturdy.   Have the kids step up and step down to make a rep.  Repeat 15 times.

Tube Roll:  I used on of those expandable tubes for this.  Use the pool noodles for the start and finish lines again.  Have the kids stand at one line and behind the tube.  Tell them to work as a team to roll the tube to the other line and back.  Repeat 5 times.

Kick and Crawl:  Have the kids line up in front of the opening of a tube.  Have each child, one at a time, kick the ball through the tube.  Then have them crawl through the tube, pick up the ball, and run back to the starting place.  Repeat 8 times.

Sprinkler Run/Pool Time:  After the kids are done, reward them with some water play to wash that sweat off!!!

I hope you join in this workout with your kids!  How else do you stay active with your kids?

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