Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pinterest Fitness Day 18: Health Benefits of Cherries

I went to the local farm the other day to buy produce and I discovered the cherries are ripe!  Yum!!!  This morning, I found a heart shaped cherry and it reminded me that these red beauties are full of antioxidants.  They also can help you get to sleep.  I found a nice summary of the health benefits from Oasis Advanced Wellness on Pinterest. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pinterest Fitness Day 17: Bedroom Workout & Punjammies

Sometimes its nice to roll out of bed and workout.  Or perhaps in your pajamas.  That is what I did today.  I found the workout above on Pinterest.  A lot of the exercises posted through end up not showing up through the link, so I hope just by posting the image with the link on the bottom, I will give credit to whom it is due!
Anywho, this workout proved to be fun and invigorating---perfect to jumpstart your day!  The jumping jacks really help with that, of course.  I used my exercise ball to do the leg extensions to make it a bit more challenging.  I also leaned on my medicine ball to do the russian twists with to make it more of a challenge.  It took about 30 minutes and I built up a good sweat!

Speaking of pajamas, I want to point out that I exercised in my Punjammies.  "What are Punjammies?" Well, they are pajamas made by young girls and women in India who have been rescued from the grip of human trafficking and prostitution.  The International Princess Project is the organization that produces and sales the Punjammies.  In their words from their Facebook page, they are "ADVOCATING for enslaved prostitutes, RESTORING their broken lives, EMPOWERING them to live free."  To learn more about the Punjammies and the International Princess Project, you can go to, and view the video above.  Human Trafficking is horrible.  HORRIBLE.  That word seems too weak.  There really are no words to show the shame, filth, and lack of human moral and compassion of human trafficking.  So, take a look at the video.  Each pair of Punjammies are made by a rescued girl or woman.  It is an awesome cause!  Oh, and they are super compfy! 

Pinterest Fitness Day 16: Widdle Your Middle

I love to do a variety of abdominal exercises to keep my middle widdled.  Doing just crunches and sit-ups doesn't cover all of your abdominal muscles.  Through Pinterest, I found that Fitness magazine has an arrangement of ab exercises that give you the variety your abs need.  You can find that workout HERE.  I did the exercise 3 times through, with the reps that Fitness Magazine suggested.  Fitness Magazine is a great resource for exercises and nutrition, as well as motivational articles from people who lost weight or achieved their fitness goals.  I get one in the mail every month and look forward to it!  The website is just as resourceful!