Wednesday, August 25, 2010

30 Days of Accountability: Day 1

Coming back from vacationing and constantly being busy this summer, I gained 3 lbs. That doesn't sound like much, and, I know it all reality, it isn't. However, I didn't want to gain anything...I wanted to LOOSE more! I noticed back in May when I did the Mastering My Metabolism posts, it was a good thing for me to be held accountable to posting. It kept me in check. That is what this blog is really for. So, this starts 30 days of posts. Some may be just rambling about my struggles, and some may be informational, and some, I hope, may be sharing my accomplishments.
My current goal is to get to 130 pounds so I can get pregnant again at a healthier weight. It sounds weird, but I'd like to gain more in my pregnancy than last time. I only gained 19 lbs, and I read that the little weight gain could have contributed to the HEELP syndrome I came down with (NOT FUN!). So, here's to another goal! I'm at 146 right now, so, 30 days from now (September 24th) I hope to 136 lbs. I know that will be a lot of work , so I better get moving!