Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pinterest Fitness Day 11: Runner's Strengthening Workout

The other morning I passed an older gentleman on my run.  He is usually out walking when I am running.  He yelled to me, "How many miles?"  I replied "Five this morning!"  He shouted as I passed him, "I used to do that too.  And then my knee went out."  I was sad for him, of course, but this short conversation all the more verified my need to keep up with my weight lifting, resistance, and strength routines. 

There are many workouts on Pinterest for runners.  I picked this one in particular because I liked how the creator of this workout, found HERE, covered all the bases.  I did this workout after a warm up of jumping jacks and high knees, three times through and it took me about 45 minutes.  I was such a great total body workout!  I don't have a pull up bar (which I REALLY want), so I did leg raises on my ball.  That was more challenging than just doing them laying down.  Instead of pull ups on the bar I did an alternative.  Like I said, I really, really want a pull up bar!  :)  Below is a good video that explains how to do exercises if you don't have a pull up bar.

This was a good, challenging workout and I look forward to trying out the plethora of workouts for runners on Pinterest!  Plethora.  I really do like that word.

Exercise Ball Leg Raises.  Sit on ball.  Roll ball to the small of back.  Plant palms of hands on ground, fingers facing out.  Find your balance.  Lift legs to make your body straight.  Start from this position and lift legs up and back down.

(Video on how to do exercises if you don't have a pull up bar.)

The kids liked the workout too!

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