Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Did you miss me?

Ha!  Well, I have a good reason for this break...I am pregnant!  We are expecting our third little one in May of next year.  I came down with an infection and the doctor told me to stay horizontal for a few days.  So, yesterday, I got to exercising again.  But, you know, it is funny how I have absolutely no desire to exercise.  Although, I know I must.  It really helped me feel better the rest of the day yesterday.  Of course, I know I must take it easier than I was previously.  I have done my share of reading up on exercise during pregnancy!
Another reason that I'm starting to not desire exercise is a bit of morning/afternoon/evening sickness.  I just found this article on natural remedies for "morning" sickness...

Click here to read more!

I'm going to go make myself some tea!