Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pinterest Fitness Day 7: Late Night Abs & Yoga for Sleep

Sometimes when you do a silly thing like drop a knife on your foot and get a deep cut that swells and hurts all day, it's hard to fit in a workout. But, thanks to Pinterest, just before bed, I was able to fit in this "Late Night Ab Challenge" and finished it off with a few Yoga moves that are supposed to promote sleep. We shall see about that! (Update:  I did go to sleep pretty quickly!)

The Ab workout is above. It was pretty challenging, but easy enough to do right before bed. is where this workout originates from.  I checked them out and it is a site that will give you all sorts of plans to get you into shape.

The yoga moves I did are directly from this video.  I just ignored the music. :)

PS- My foot is fine-just hurt a bit to walk. The doctor said I can even run as long as I ice it afterwards. Woohoo! I will try to run again on Friday so I can get to a 10k distance before the race!

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