Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Madness

For whatever reason, I gained 2 lbs this month. I know weight fluctuates, but after hitting the ten pound mark, that isn't something that I want to see. But, I will say, I lost those two pounds and I am back down to 149.4. It looks like I still owe myself a pedicure (anyone want to join me?), and I still need to post some pictures of my ten pounds lost. So, that is where I've been all month...mostly being mad at the scale for not showing me the numbers I worked so hard for! I took the "after" photos today, so I promise to get those photos up ASAP!

Favorite Fit Foods: Oranges

I absolutely love this time of year, especially in Riverside. You see, Riverside has the sweetest, juiciest navel oranges. They are the best when they have been picked right off the tree, which is why we have enjoyed being a short walk away from a grower/fruit stand. Not only can you get really sweet, juicy oranges this time of year, but you can also get a hint of the crisp, fragrant scent of the orange blossoms in the air.

I just read this week that citrus fruits, like oranges (or grapefruit, tangerines, ect.), contain more than 170 phytochemicals, more than 60 flavonoids---many of which have strong anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant qualities to them. The great thing about this is you may get the benefits of this delicious fruit as soon as it touches your mouth. The chance of getting throat, mouth, and stomach cancers may be reduced by a whopping 50 percent! Even one extra orange a day, beyond the 5-servings of fruit/veggies you would normally eat, could have a good amount of benefits. Juice also counts, of course, although, the fresher and more pulp it has, the better. Now, do you really need any other excuses to eat this amazing fruit?

(Information from article by Jennifer Nelson, SHAPE, June 2004)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Favorite Fit Foods Friday: Flaxseed

One of my favorite fit foods is called Flaxseed. Have you heard of it? The first time I heard of it was back in 2004 when I was taking a nutrition class in college. My instructor had the most amazing muscles I had ever seen on a woman who wasn't taking steroids. I admit, I would sit in class and watch the movement of her biceps. I know. That sounds weird. But this certain individual (whose name escapes me) inspired me to eat fit and KNOW what is in the food I am eating! She also led me to believe that it is OKAY for women to have killer muscles (I'm talking long and lean---you could actually see them working---not big and bulky---NOT like the body builders), but that is another subject for another post.

ANYWAY, back to Flax. Flax is fabulous. Seriously. "Why?" Well...I thought you would never ask! Here are some FLAX FACTS that you may find interesting:

  • Flax seed is full of good fat. That's right...GOOD FAT! Pictured below is a breakdown...Notice that more than 1/2 of the fat in Flaxseed oil is Polyunsaturated fatty acids AKA Omega-3's.
  • Flaxseed can help you be....ahem...regular. This, I have to admit is my favorite thing about it because it REALLY works! The "oily" nature of the Flaxseed (all those good fats) and the fact that it has 4g of fiber per 2 Tbsp of Flaxseed (Meal) is how that all works!
  • Flaxseed is high in protein as well. It offers a whopping 3g of protein per 2 Tbsp. This may not seem like much, but when you are adding it to other foods, its a great benefit.
  • You can add Flaxseed to just about anything, in the form of meal. Some ideas are adding a tablespoon or two to yogurt, shakes, granola/cereal/oatmeal. It has almost no taste, so the it mixes well! You can also use Flaxseed meal in baking. To substitute an egg for Flaxseed meal, just mix 1 Tbsp of the Flaxseed meal with 3 Tbsp of water and let it sit for two minutes. Then, simply add it to the recipe like you would an egg.
  • You can get Flaxseed meal at any grocery store. You can usually find it near the health food or the organic food. The brand I can always find is "Bob's Red Mill."
  • For those of you who have sensitivity with gluten, you will be glad to know that Flaxseed is gluten-free!
  • You can get Flax in many forms, including supplement pills.
So, after reading all these great things about Flax, I am sure you are ready to swallow a spoonful, right? :) I wouldn't blame you! (But, it probably would be best IN something!)