Monday, May 20, 2013

Pinterest Fitness Day 4: The Wet Foot Test

Have you ever purchased shoes that were just not right for your feet?  I have.  They felt comfy and supportive when I bought them.  It didn't take very long...4.69 miles to be exact to realize that the shoes I got on clearance for 18 bucks (down from 70!) were not made for my feet.  In fact, they made my arches throb---for days after wearing them!  I had several people suggest that I go to the running store that tests your feet to see what kind of shoe you need.  I have to admit that this month has been way too busy for such excursions, so, with the help of Pinterest, I found a foot test I could do at home.  Pictured above is my foot test.  I followed the directions of the test and matched my foot to the images on the Runner's World site.  Then I searched for shoes for my foot type, a normal or medium arch.  In my research, I found that Saucony was a good brand.  I tried on Saucony, New Balance (which my old running shoes were...loved them!), Asics, and Nike.  All of those are good brands, but the Saucony were most comfortable on my feet.  And guess what?  I got some 85 dollar Saucony running shoes for 40 dollars, plus 10% off that price!  $36 dollars for good running shoes!  Yea!  So, I took them for a test run in the morning.  4.64 miles later, my feet were very happy and so was I.
These shoes are made for folks with high arches, not for me!  Ouch!
My new Sauconys!  Happy Feet!!!

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