About Me

I am a Christian, mother of 3 beautiful kids, wife to an amazing husband, homeschool teacher, organic gardener, and an artist who loves fitness and nutrition.  I also am a loser---of 70 lbs!

I strive to stay fit in order to lead my three kids into a forever fit life style by showing them what health and fitness looks like.  My desire is that they grow up with healthy habits.  I love to stay fit to challenge myself, gain energy, and most of all, be a good steward of the body God gave me.

My goal is to be strong, not thin. God made our bodies for more than just empty calories, high-frutose corn syrup, and the couch. Let's all be good stewards of the bodies God gave us, whether you are trying to loose weight, bulk up, or just be fit.  No matter your goal, fitness should by obtainable.  No high-cost programs or fancy shake drink mixes are necessary.   No intimidating gym memberships are necessary.  They can be used as tools, if your wallet can afford them, but they are not necessary.  Just simply eating real food and moving everyday can get you to your goals with some planning!  There will be days of disappointment, whether it is in the way we ate that day, the fact that we couldn't get a workout in, or the because the scale didn't budge. I've been there. But, as long as you are moving and putting the right things in your body, you will feel good! 

Come, join me at Witness My Fitness and see what it takes to keep a homeschooling stay-at-home mom of three fit, as well as the frugal, faithful, and creative ways fitness can be achieved!  

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