Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weight-In Wednesday

Okay. I didn't loose any weight this week. In fact, I gained 0.6 pounds. I didn't record points from Saturday to Wednesday, but I thought I was counting them in my head alright. Apparently not. So, from now on, I will record my points to the best of my ability on a daily basis. It has been a hard week. So, I'm not going to be hard on myself. I'm waiting for surgery and have been ordered by the doctors not to exercise or do anything that uses my abs (that is a bit hard), to read the details on why, you can read my regular blog.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Take it in!" Thursday

Here are my measurements for this week:
(Lost this week is in italic) (Total lost is in bold)

Chest: 37.5" (-.25") (-.5")
Waist: 35" (-.75") (-1")
Hips: 42.25" (-5") (-.75")
R. Thigh: 19.75" (-.75") (-1.5")
L. Thigh: 20" (-.5") (-1.5")
R. Calf: 13.5" (-.25") (-1")
L. Calf: 13.25" (-.5") (-1.25")
R. Arm: 12.25" (-.5") (-1")
L. Arm: 12.75" (-.25") (-.5")

This is awesome...I'm still loosing! Due to illness this week, I only exercise 3 times, and didn't do any toning or anything like that...just light exercise. So, when I actually challenge myself with exercise, I wonder what a difference it will make!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Weigh-in Wednesday!

Well, folks, I weighed myself today. I have lost 7.4 pounds!!! I am now at 169.2 and am officially out of the 170's...that feels really good. I told Troy this morning that I never want to see the 170's again, even if I get pregnant. I hope to gain a whole lot less in my next pregnancy, if I can help it! I have 33 pounds to go, and at this rate, I can hopefully loose that before my next pregnancy!