Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pinterest Fitness Day 3: Medicine Ball Workout

I have a medicine ball but I've rarely used it in the last several years. I love the idea of being able to toss a weight around. It makes the workout fun. I found a really good workout on Pinterest that is supposed to go with Alicia Keys' Girl on Fire song, but I just turned on my favorite "80's Cardio" station on Pandora and I was good to go! I did these exercises two times through and finished in just under 30 minutes. I did the workout this morning in my backyard in the sunshine. This workout turned out to be so much fun! I loved the Medicine Ball Overhead Slams. Seriously a fun exercise! I would recommend warming up your shoulders before this workout. Now, if you are not sure what some of the exercises are, I didn't know either and did some research.  Below are some videos of exactly how the exercises should be done! Also, check out for their Music Monday workouts!

Medicine Ball Squat Toss:

Standing Oblique Twist:

Medicine Ball Overhead Slams:

Lateral Medicine Ball Hops:

Diagonal Lifts with Medicine Ball:
Medicine Ball Halos:
 The video wouldn't upload, so visit this link to view how to complete this exercise.

Do you own a medicine ball?  If so, how often do you use it?  If you don't own one, it is a fun tool to add to your workout!

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