Thursday, July 2, 2015

Frugal Fitness: DIY Kettlebottle and 25 Minute Total Body Workout

 No workout equipment?  No money?  No problem!  You can make a Kettlebottle (a cheap alternative to a kettleball) for under $5.  Here's how!

A funnel (If you don't have one, it's $1.47 at The Home Depot)
All Purpose Sand ($2.67 for 50 lbs at The Home Depot)
Milk Bottle (I used a vinegar bottle, but discovered a milk bottle had much more room for grip!)
Garden Spade
Water, if needed

1.  Place funnel in bottle.
2.  Put small amount of sand in funnel.  If sand is wet, you may have to keep tapping bottle on the ground until the sand goes through the funnel.  Keep repeating until bottle is full.
3.  Tap bottle hard on ground to settle sand and add more until sand is firmly packed in bottle.
4.  Weigh bottle and add water if you'd like to make it heavier.  To add water, do it slowly to allow air to escape and make room for the water.
5.  Put lid or cap firmly on.  If the cap just snaps on, make sure it is secure!

You can use the rest of the sand to make many more bottles!  I plan to have many ready for others to join me in workouts!

Our bottle weighed in at 15 lbs!  Include your kids in this process!  My kiddos enjoyed putting this together and it was nice to have the company and help.  With the kids, it took about 20 minutes to fill this bottle.

Kettlebottle Total Body Workout

12 reps, 3 x's through (takes about 25-30 minutes)*

1. Russian Twist: Hold bottle firmly with both hands slightly away from abdomen.  Twist from side to side.  Repeat.
2. Clean to Press: Take hold of bottle while you are in a squat position. Use core muscles to bring bottle up to shoulder and then continue (carefully) up to full extension of your arm.  Switch sides.
3.  Concentration Bicep Curl:  Hold bottle with hand.  Stay in squat postion.  Rest elbow on thigh and curl up slowly.  Concentrate on your negative movement, or the movement on the way down.  Switch sides.
4.  Shoulder Rotation:  Stand with feet shoulder width apart.  Take bottle in one hand.  Hold arm next to bottle and keep bent at elbow (90*).  Rotate arm up, leading with elbow, keeping arm bent at 90 degrees.  Stop when elbow is level with shoulder.  Switch sides.
5.  Overhead Tricep Curl:  Take bottle sideways firmly in both hands and over head.  Start with elbows bent and arms at 90 degrees.  Press bottle up with keeping elbows firm in place.  Press until arms are nearly straight.  Return to start position.  Repeat.
6.  Hammer Curl:  Grip bottle with one hand.  Hold arm next to body.  Curl bottle all the way up and back down. Repeat.  Switch sides.
7.  Upright Row:  Stand with feet shoulder width apart.  Hold bottle with both hands and arms close to body.  Keep bottle close to body as you bring it up and your elbows out.  Bring the bottle chest level and then return to start position.  Repeat.
8.  Squat and hold:  Hold bottle firmly with both hands.  Squat down, keeping knees behind toes and chest up.  Return to standing and repeat.  After reps, hold squat for 12 counts.
9.  Swing Through:  Hold bottle firmly in both hands.  Use your core muscles.  Bend knees and swing through your legs and then back up no higher than your neck.  Repeat.

*Please remember to warm up before hand!  Like any workout, please check with physician and/or make sure you are healthy enough to do this!

Below is a card you can print out or click on to make larger so you can read it.  Save it to your phone.  Share it.  Spread the word!  Fitness doesn't have to cost big bucks to get big results!
 Have a happy, frugal workout! 


  1. thats awesome. I suppose you could use smaller containers for less weight if needed?

  2. Hi Abigail! You can use a smaller container for smaller weights! Try a 1/2 gallon container! You can also put in less sand if you need less weight!