Monday, July 27, 2015

10 Frugal Ways to Build Your Home Gym

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I am a firm believer in the fact that you don't have to spend much money to get fit.  That's right.  No expensive gym memberships that you don't use enough anyway.  No pricey workout dvd programs.  No $1,200 Boflex machines.  You just need simple, creative tools you can use in your own home, backyard, or even take with you to the park.  Here's a list of ways you can frugally build your home gym!

1)  Craigslist.  I once got a weight bench, 120-lbs in weights, a barbell, a curl bar, and two dumbbell bars for twenty bucks!  I searched Criagslist off and on on for a couple months.  When I saw the post, we called, and snatched up the amazing deal!  Big ticket items can go for pretty cheap if people are moving and/or are desperate to get rid of the items that typically take up space if they aren't being used.

2)  Garage/Yard Sales.  Dumbbells, exercise bands, and other smaller exercise equipment are commonly found at garage sales.  This is where I scored my Acu-Hoop hula hoop for two bucks!  Know the price of the equipment that it is sold for in stores, so you can know if the seller is giving you a good price.

3)  Local Facebook rummage sale groups.  "ISO" or "In search of" is a way you can post an inquiry about an item you are looking for.  In these groups, for example, you can say "ISO weight bench with weights," and hope to get a reply.  You can also scroll these groups for deals on what you are looking for.  Search Facebook for local sale groups in your area. 

4)  New Years Sales.  I know New Years Day may be a while from now, but it is when every store takes advantage of New Years resolutions and puts all their fitness equipment on sale.  If you want deals on brand new equipment, this may be the way to go!  Keep your eyes peeled for sales around the end of the year and through the beginning of the year!

5)  Make your own gym.  I made a homemade version of a kettle bell, a "kettle bottle"  for VERY cheap (view here).  I'm moving on to a homemade balance beam for my daughter.  Pinterest is a great way to find instructions on how to make almost anything for your home gym.  Weigh out the price of the materials and then go for it!

6)  Use your space.  Don't have money for a pricey gym membership?  No problem!  Set your gym up in your garage, spare bedroom/office, or a covered patio, weather permitting!  

7)  Use items in your home or yard for equipment.  A blogger, "Diary of a Fit Mommy,"  uses her couch to workout.  Use your stairs or steps if you have them.  Pinterest has some great stair workouts.  Use sandbags or bags of (clean) kitty litter to do squats with.  Use wash cloths under your hands or feet on a slick floor to make plank exercises more challenging.

8)  Turn your backyard into an obstacle course.   Use stools, chairs, or benches, outdoor toys, pool noodles, balls, You can set it up in a way that is challenging for adults, but fun for kids as well.  Is it hot?  Throw the sprinklers on for an extra "challenge."

9)  Use your kids.  Be safe and mindful, of course, but if you have small kids that aren't afraid of riding on your shoulders while you do squats or sitting on your back as you plank or do push-ups, then include them!  Use them as weights!  Chances are, they'll enjoy it!  You can use this post as a reference! 

10)  Amazon.  If you aren't a DIY-er, don't have time to go to garage sales, and don't want to wait till New Years to get a good sale price, Amazon just may be the way to go.  I bought a 40-lb weight set for my hubby nearly three years ago.  It is still about the same price, and at $49.99 for 40-lbs of adjustable weights with the dumbbell bars, that is a great deal.  I've looked in stores, and can't find a set at this price.  We still use them three years later!  The best thing about Amazon is that you can compare prices around the internet and you can also read a good amount of reviews before you make your purchase.

What ways have you built your home gym on the cheap?  How have you saved money while getting fit?

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