Tuesday, July 7, 2015

FREE Fitness Blender Jump Rope Workout

Every once in a while, I come across people who are doing exactly what I would want to do if given oppurtunity.  Daniel and Kelli at FitnessBlender.com are doing just that.  The married couple is taking on the fitness world in a way that most don't:  They are making their workouts available for FREE.  There is no catch.  Everything at FitnessBlender.com is run on donations.  What an awesome gift to give people!  I am so glad someone is doing this!  I am a true believer in the fact that fitness shouldn't cost, or at least it shouldn't cost much.  

Kelli does the workouts in a garage-turned-studo and they edit them in their home office.  The result is professional workout videos that are very easy to follow.  I recently bought my kids jump ropes, and because of my lack of height, I realized those jump ropes were actually the perfect length for me!  Ergo, my inspiration to find a good jump rope workout!  I had to look no further than FitnessBlender.com.  

I completed the workout and was covered in sweat.  It was only 6 minutes (aside from warm up and cool down), but extremely intense.  This workout challenged my coordination as well!  The kids enjoyed seeing their mommy jump rope!  Do you have a jump rope handy?  If you are around 5'2" like me, you most likely can use your kid's jump rope!  Try this workout and let me know how it goes.   (This particular workout is not for those with lower back, hip, or knee pain or problems.) 

Visit Fitness Blender's You Tube Channel to get access to all their FREE videos!  They have over 400 workouts for every fitness need and level!  They can be an unbelievable blessing to the everyday person who cannot afford $50+ workouts!  And by the way, they didn't pay me to say any of this!  I just want to spread the news of how good FREE fitness can be!

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