Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Farm Fresh to You $10 Off Code

California friends!  Have you been looking for a way to get local, organic, decently priced produce delivered to your door?  If so, look no longer!  Farm Fresh to You has been growing in California since 1976 and delivers fresh, locally grown, organic produce to your front doorstep.  

We have been using this service since last year and it has never failed to please the taste buds of my family and I.  The best thing (other than being delivered to your door!) about these boxes is that you can customize your box.  You don't like eggplant?  No problem! Switch it out for nectarines!  The site is easy to use.  Once you have an account, you can customize your box until two days before delivery.  If you are out of town or your budget gets tight, you can postpone your order.

Sounds, great, doesn't it?  How about $10 off your first box?  Even better!  Go over to and use my special code (also linked on the sidebar of my blog):


Happy Eating!

A sweet, juicy nectarine and fingerling potato home fries from the Farm Fresh to You Farm Box!
My kids love discovering our box on our porch every other Friday!
It is obviously by the quality and the taste of the produce that the Farm Fresh to You growers are not only farmers, but artisans.  

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