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22 Ways to Keep Kids Active in the Summer

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It's the first week of Summer.  The kids are out of school.  Now what?  Before your kids start saying the most common, "I'm bored!" complaint and beg to watch TV, take a look at this list of activities to keep them and you fit during the summer!

22 Ways to Keep Kids Active in the Summer

1.  Scooter ride.  For youngins, the three-wheeled Radio Flyer scooter is a great way to make it possible for them to participate in this!

2.  Bowling.  Bowling is a pretty cheap family outing, and you get a core and arm workout at the same time!  Many bowling alleys offer deals in the Summertime or during the daytime.

3.  Morning or Evening Jog.  For the little ones, put them in a jogger stroller and roll on out!  For the ones 5 and up, they can run along side you.  Walk when they (or you) are tired and then start jogging again when you catch your breath.  Running in the early morning or late evening can help your family keep a little cooler on those hot Summer days!  Be sure to bring water with you!

4. Backyard obstacle course/workout.  Be creative with the obstacles!  This activity can be free when you use things you already have.  Check out my post on how to set one up here.

5. Indoor trampoline park.  Believe me, unless you are an athlete, you will only last an hour with your kid.  Paying for an hour at the trampoline park can be a fun and cheap outing for the Summer. (Just ignore the sweaty feet smell!)

6.  Bike Ride.  The young ones can ride in a trailer at the back of your back or a seat in the front.  You can find cheap bike trailers on Craigs List.  Ride to the park in the evening and have the kids play on the playground once they get there.  They might just sleep in the next morning!

7.  Skating Rink.  Go retro and teach them how to skate.  There may be a lot of falling on your their part, but it's guaranteed fit fun!

8.  Run through the sprinklers!  This is a good, old fashioned way to stay active and cool.  Although, with droughts in some states (i.e. California), be sure to check to see if your city or area has restrictions on what time you can turn on sprinklers.  In my area, we cannot turn on our sprinklers between 10am and 6pm.

9.  Workout DVD with parents.  In the cool of air conditioning, you can pop a DVD in the player and let them join you.  Cardio can be easy for them to catch on!

10.  Swim lessons and/or a going swimming in a pool.  Go in the pool with your kids.  It's way better than just sitting and watching them and it keeps you both active!

11. Mommy or Daddy and Me Yoga.  Lay out a few yoga mats and teach your kiddos how to do the downward dog or the cobra.  Many yoga moves are pretty easy, teach coordination, and the kids will love to mimic animals!  Try these kid-friendly yoga moves from Parents.com.

12.  Go on a hike.  The cooler Summer evenings are perfect for hiking!  In our area, we have a few hills we like to hike up.  Look up if there are any waterfalls in your area to hike to!  If you live near a lake, river, or the ocean, those are wonderful destinations to hike or walk to!

13.  Go "Mall Walking."  My first job was in the mall and in the Summer, the mall opened it's doors an hour before the stores did.  The Mall Walkers would come in every morning faithfully, and beat the heat with the AC in the mall.  The best thing about this is, you can treat your kiddos to a morning smoothie from Juice It Up or a frozen yogurt after you do some rounds in the mall!

14. Water balloon toss/fight.  You and your kids will be getting wet and running to avoid getting hit.  Fun and active... and almost free!

15. FREE workout videos for kids on YouTube.  Take advantage of YouTube.  It is a great resource for kid-friendly workouts.  Click on this link for a fun, free, kid friendly workout from Fitness Blender.

16.  Run through the water fountains/splash pads at local parks or shopping centers.  The drought in California has limited our city's water use, so all the public splash pads are sadly closed for the Summer.  I have found that privately owned splash pads in shopping centers are still running.

17.  Lawn games.  This rubber horseshoe set is a cheap way to have a fun, active evening in the backyard!  Lawn darts are fun as well!

18.  Include your kids in your exercise routine.  Whether you do CrossFit, weightlifting, BeachBody workouts, cardio, or HIIT workouts, your kids can participate.  Just be safe.  No heavy weights for kids!  There are barbell toy sets for kids, but I would recommend them just mimicking your moves if they are very young, or doing 1 or 2 lb weights if they are a bit older.

19.   Indoor climbing gym.  This is an amazing upper body workout.  It's no wonder mountain climbers end up on American Ninja Warriors!  These places usually run deals in local coupon magazines.  Check your "junk mail" for these deals!

20.  Family dance party.  Put on some fun music and boogey on!  This is honestly one of my favorite memories to make with my kids! You can do it in the backyard if it's cool enough or in the coolness of the AC in the living room.

21.  Build a fort on the lawn or in the living room.  Include your kids in the process.  When you are done, enjoy the fruits of your labor by enjoying a healthy snack or meal in the fort.

22.  Sunset "field day."  Take your kids to a field at a park or a local public school at sunset.  Enjoy the coolness of the summer evening and run around, kick around a soccer ball, do relay races or sprints, or throw a football!

How does your family keep active in the summer?  If those ideas aren't listed here, please leave those ideas in the comments!  Have a happy, active Summer!

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