Saturday, July 27, 2013

Old Goal Met, New Goal Set!

My last post stated that I wanted to reach 3 minutes in a forearm plank by the end of the summer.  I surprised myself.  I've now surpassed that goal by a whole 2 minutes and 15 seconds.  I planked (accompanied by my sweet, fit friend Natalie) today for 5:15, beating yesterday's time of 5:03 (below).  I honestly feel so amazing after doing these planks.  By 5 minutes, my arms are shaking, but with each day, I feel myself getting stronger.  So, my new goal that I made for myself 9 days ago was to do 120 minutes of planks in 30 days.  I have planked a total of 48 minutes in those 9 days and am going to keep chipping away at that goal.  I have 21 days and 72 minutes to go!  I find it goes faster if I do the planks with someone, watch some Netflix on my phone, or listen to a sermon to make the time go faster!

My hubby joining me for a plank!

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