Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How I'm Still Doing It!

It's been a little over 10 months since I posted on my blog how I lost my weight.  I think it may be time for an update!  I also found a "better" before picture.  I believe the "before" photo above is me at my heaviest, and there aren't anymore pictures of me at this weight.  I believe I was about 190 lbs.  Just before I gave birth to my firstborn, I tipped the scale at 206lbs.  EEEKKK!  Now, with giving birth to a baby and loosing all the "stuff" that *ahem* comes out after giving birth, the scale settled pretty quickly.  The only thing was, I was afraid to weigh myself.  I remember purchasing my first pair of non-maternity pants---the very same pants I was wearing in the before picture above.  I cried.  The pant size I had to purchase was a size 17.  I had never in my life been that size.  When I finally weighed myself several weeks after this photo was taken, I was 187.  So, to revisit my journey of how I lost 70lbs, please visit my previous post, "How I Did It." 

How I'm Still Doing It

At the end of May, I reached 118lbs, and now I go between 118lbs to 120lbs.  I have to say that helping my husband with his weight loss has helped keep me accountable in my own journey of keeping my weight off.  We make vegetable and fruit smoothies every morning.  We remind each other of how many calories are in foods we are eating.  We enjoy healthy, homemade meals together. We workout together.  I am so thankful for the fitness and nutrition partner I have!  

The month of December was a hard month to get through.  I have to admit, I only exercised a handful of times.  I didn't eat as well as I should have.  This is why I get it.  I get how easy it is to get out of good habits.  The "before" picture is now on my fridge to remind me of that.  When life gets tough (and it did with death, illness, and just plain busyness), it's easy to let health fall by the wayside.  But, if you end up putting these very important things on the back burner, you will end up feeling worse!  I learned that last month, so, I'm praying for strength that the next time life gets though, I get tougher!

Yesterday, I started Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 Days program.  OUCH!  I am still strong, but I'm in pain!  It was encouraging to finish the workout today without feeling the need to hurl.  I felt like that yesterday!  My muscles have come out of hiding and are now working hard!  It's encouraging how fast you can feel the result of a good workout!

With that, I hope that you are striving to get in shape or stay in shape.  Even if you are at your ideal weight, exercise and eating healthy are necessary to be healthy!

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