Monday, May 7, 2012

Overall Fitness Update.

Our Facebook Fit Club's first walk/hike up Mt. Rubidoux
I'm on day 24 of my second round of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.  I will soon be updating you with my stats for the whole 60 days.  I can tell you that I have lost a few more pounds and have now passed my goal weight of 125.  I weigh in at 123.6.  Seriously folks.  I have now lost a third of my body weight since I had my first child.  I am amazed at the strength God has given me!  He has also given me the desire to help others, and because I have very limited time, I have found a convenient way to do that.  Of course, this blog's goal is to inform and help others with their fitness goals.  But, more directly, I have started a "Fit Club" via Facebook for people in my church, or who are associated with my church somehow.  Folks at church were asking how I lost weight or how I was getting in shape and several of them started the Supreme 90 Day program because of my results.  The Facebook group was a way to support each other through our lifelong fitness journey!  I believe it is helping these individuals by encouraging to keep with it!

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