Friday, February 19, 2010

Weight Loss Rewards

I've been meaning to write down some rewards I want to give myself when I reach certain weight loss goals. When rewarding yourself for fitness goals met, you need to make sure it is special enough to encourage you to work (or work-out) for it. Also, make sure it isn't food. It needs to be a HEALTHY reward. Here are the rewards I have chosen for myself:

  • 10 lbs lost (149lbs): A Pedicure
  • Pre-Pre Pregnancy weight (143lbs): New workout capris (because they are getting too big! :)
  • 20 lbs lost (139lbs): Another Pedicure...I really enjoy them!
  • 30 lbs lost (129lbs): Pictures with my hubby and I at the beach, possibly in wedding dress (Ever heard of "trash the dress" photos? My dress is already ripped and can't be fixed, so, why not?)

1 comment:

  1. love it!! I have always wanted to do a 'trash the dress' type thing, but now my wedding dress would just fall off :)