Monday, January 7, 2008

What's in a Goal?

I've started this blog with the goal of being candid about my current fitness level and what I hope to improve concerning my nutrition and fitness. Back in high school, I was overweight. I wasn't required to take a Physical Education class the last two years of school, so I wasn't exercising. I also got a job at Del Taco and started eating more fast food and drink more soda than I ever had before. By high school graduation, I reached over 170 lbs. I had so many insecurities about my weight, but it took a while to get out of those unhealthy ruts I was in. Mainly, I had to get moving! I started with a walking class at RCC and then I changed my diet. I recorded everything I ate and all my daily exercises. Emotionally, it was a struggle because the weight wasn't coming off as fast as I hoped it would. Those ads on TV and in the magazines were constantly reminding me of how fast I could be loosing the weight with their products. However, I was determined to do it without their help. I did rely on my Creator's help, though. I meditated on the fact that He created me to glorify Him in ALL I do. As it says in 1 Corinthians 10:31, "So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." I knew that eating unhealthy and being sedentary were not glorifying to God. These thoughts kept me walking. I would even walk from RCC to my house after my classes (that is almost 3.5 miles.) To sum up the story, within a year a half, I lost 60 lbs and ended up at 117 lbs. I ended up working at a gym, so I worked out there 5 days a week for free. I felt so great and energetic! I desire to feel that way again. I don't like feeling like a slug! So, I hope I can use the means of this blog to journal my way through this journey of getting back in shape!

June 2006- at 126 lbs December 2007- at 185lbs

I gained extra weight during my first pregnancy. I'm sure most of you know that I gave birth to Jackson back in November of last year. I wasn't my thinnest to start out with when I found out I was pregnant. My weight was back up to 145-150. At my first pregnancy appointment, I weighed in at 149 lbs. After going up to 206 the day I went into labor, and was 190lbs a month after giving birth.  I am now down to 185 lbs. (I will do my official weigh-in tomorrow). We shall see if breastfeeding is helping me loose weight like other moms say!  Ha!  My goal, with the Lord's help, is to get down to 135 lbs. That is a total of 50 lbs. To do that, I have to look at what I must change. There are certain things wrong with what I consume. I know I eat too much sugar. I don't get enough calcium, and I don't eat enough produce. I've been drinking too many different kinds of sugary drinks, whether it be soda or juice. Next, I need to make a habit of exercise. So, with those goals set, I'm asking you all to pray for me! I will be a bit more difficult this time around!

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