Saturday, January 12, 2008

Healthy Choices...even while traveling!

Once again, I was reminded that even when on vacation, the healthy choices can be easy to make. After a big, somewhat unhealthy lunch at Cracker Barrel, I decided I needed to eat a healthy dinner. We are in Miami right now, so we stopped by a Pollo Tropical, which is like a El Pollo Loco, but with a tropical flare. I ordered the boneless, skinless chicken breast meal with white rice and black beans. It was delicious and I felt good eating it! I thought back to my previous experience of weight loss and I remember how no matter where I ate, there was a healthy option most of the time. It can be easy to make those choices! I just have to do it! I must admit, though, we did stop to get Key Lime Pie when we drove down to the Florida Keys today...but who would pass up a Key Lime Pie when in the Keys???

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  1. Hi there, this is Maggie. I wanted to let you know how I get in exercise. My wonderful hubby goes into work later than most, so I wake up at 6, wake up the baby, nurse her and then go to the gym. She usually goes back to sleep so hubby can get ready, but he's there if she doesn't. I need to be out of the home otherwise one of the girls will distract me, or the phone, or the laundry, and I won't get it done. A walk outside would be good too. You can even take you little guy with you and pushing a stroller, or carrying him in a carrier which makes it more intense. But if you can work it out with your hubby's schedule I find it best to feed her and then go, that way I can exercise and shower before she needs to eat again. I hope that helps. BTW feel free to e-mail me at ms1 @ (remove spaces, this is my spam account, but once you e-mail me I'll reply with my real one. :)