Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mastering My Metabolism: Day 14

Technically Sunday was day 14, the last day of the "trial" eating plan, so I will sum it up today. I weighed in at 145.6, so that is nearly 3 lbs lost in two weeks. I would say that is decent. As I said, I also am getting better sleep each night. Troy has lost 4 lbs as well. So, WHY NOT keep eating this way? I love all the cooking it involves because I love cooking with fresh ingredients. I can't stand the dishes, though. I'll have to work on that! So, at 145 lbs, this leaves me only 2 lbs from the weight I was before I got pregnant with Jackson, and only 10-12 lbs from where I was when I got married, hence when I fit into my wedding dress. I really hope to fit into it by this time next month, but I do realize there is a possibility that I will only loose a pound a week. The dress may be a bit tight. Never the less, I would say I've come a far way! I won't be too dissapointed if the dress is a bit snug or doesn't fit. I know I can still keep loosing weight after our 5th anniversary. Anyways, here's to almost 5 years of marriage! :)

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