Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Take it in!" Thursday

I had to come up with a cheesy name for my measurements on Thursdays!
Here they are:

Chest: 37.75" (-.25")
Waist: 35.75" (-.25")
Hips: 42.75" (-.25")
R. Thigh 20.5" (-.75")
L. Thigh 20.5" (-1")
R. Calf 13.75" (-.75")
L. Calf 13.75" (-.75")
R. Arm: 12.75" (-.5")
L. Arm: 13" (-.25")

Is it really possible to loose that much in one week? I may have taken measurements wrong (even though I paid close attention to where I was measuring) or I am loosing inches! I prefer it to be the later!

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